Let's Talk PostPartum Body

First things first; GET THE FUCK OFF INSTAGRAM! Stop comparing your pre, during and post pregnant body to anyone else. Every body is so different and every woman’s pregnancy experience is completely unique. To start, most people look like they’re still 5 months pregnant AFTER they give birth. This isn’t something that people talk about often, so I’m here to open up about the postpartum bod. I had a c-section, so I had to stay in the hospital for a few days after giving birth. I didn’t have a scale in the hospital, so I’m not exactly sure how much weight I was losing per day but I will post photos of each day for my first week post. My whole life and throughout my whole pregnancy, I believed that you shit out your child and your tummy is flat again. I wish someone had let me know the reality of it so that I was more mentally prepared.

My pre pregnancy weight was 126 pounds, I went into my c-section weighing 165. (I probably would have gained more but I was very sick for the last week before my surgery and wasn’t able to keep food down) I gained 39 pounds throughout my pregnancy. After the first 10 days, I was already down 20 pounds. Now, I’m 3 weeks PP and haven’t lost any more weight. I have about 20 pounds to lose to bring me back to pre baby weight.

I have lost ALL of my muscle, all of my core strength, all definition in my legs. I feel like my hips have doubled in size, I can’t even fit into my jeans that used to be super baggy on me. I have cellulite from my pregnancy that still hasn’t gone away. Stretch marks on my thighs and butt and feel softer and squishier than ever. People often forget that your body changes over a span of 9/10 months and it may take 9/10 months to “bounce back”. Stop being so damn hard on yourself and go look into the eyes of your beautiful baby. That baby is worth every fucking stretch mark, every pound and every insecurity.

Now forget about your appearance for a sec.. the other part of postpartum that no one tells you about is the healing of your body. For all my c-section mamas; be prepared to be bed ridden and on heavy pain meds for a few days. You’ll be wearing a diaper and huge pads for the first week due to heavy bleeding. Going to the bathroom was incredibly painful - the perineal cleansing bottle will be your best friend. (your hospital should provide all of this for you!) Get used to being comfortable around your family and nurses… I had nurses all up in my crotch helping me clean up down there. Your pee needs to be monitored for the entire first day PP, so they place a catcher on the toilet for every time you go to the bathroom. They will also constantly ask you if you passed gas and have pooped… as you need to do these things before you can leave the hospital. (expect it to be PAINFUL!) Every time you laugh, sneeze, move, stand, walk… it’ll be painful. I was up and walking (very slowly) on day 2 and off all pain meds by day 6. DO NOT be hard on yourself if it takes you longer, remember that you just went through a MAJOR surgery. A lot of people asked how they stitch up the incision; they use dissolvable stitches which is very convenient. They put strips of tape over the incision that you will be able to remove in the shower after a week. If everything heals properly, you will be able to work out 6-8weeks after the surgery.

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