Let's Talk Getting Pregnant

My head hurts, my feet hurt, I’m swollen, I can’t fit into anything that isn’t stretchy and I’m more emotional then ever. Yep, you guessed it. I’m pregnant as fuck! Six months in and it’s been quite the journey to say the least. But let’s back it up a few months.

The day I found out. I had been taking pregnancy tests like every week for months, even when I didn’t miss my period. My period has always been irregular so I never knew when it was supposed to come anyway. One morning I peed on a stick, nothing out of the norm, and waited for the results. I knew it would be negative and sure enough it was; I went on with my day. Later that day, I had this weird gut feeling that I should take another test… so I did. To my surprise it was POSITIVE! Ladies, always take more than one test!

Now.. what the fuck do I do? How do I tell my boyfriend (he wasn’t my husband at the time) and my parents and my friends? How do I find a doctor, how do I do this?! I literally knew nothing at the time. In fact, I knew so little that I thought if you have sex one time without protection you would get pregnant. Who knew it’s actually kind of difficult to get pregnant? Ovulation? Whats that? I was using an app called Flo - it tracks your period and when you’re ovulating (which I quickly learned is the only time you’re fertile) I highly recommend using an app to log your period if you’re trying to get pregnant, that way you’re extremely in tune with your body.

I was really nervous to tell people because my husband and I hadn’t really told anyone that we were trying to get pregnant, so we knew it was going to be a huge shock to everyone. AND IT WAS. First, I told my husband. I stood in front of our front door holding out my positive pregnancy test, so that when he walked in the door from work the first thing he would see is the test. In my other hand, I was recording with my phone… I highly recommend recording your baby daddy's reaction! My husband was literally speechless and I love that I have it all on camera, forever. Then, we facetimed my parents. They were in another country at the time so we couldn’t stay on the phone too long but they both cried when I told them. We then told my in laws which includes 3 sister in laws. Holy shit, talk about SCARY. We decided to tell each sister individually because we knew each one would have a different reaction. (best decision I’ve ever made) Keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own feelings! You might not always get the reaction that you’re expecting from everyone, but don’t let it get you down… people handle big news differently.

We decided to wait until I was out of my first trimester to make the announcement to our friends and to Instagram. I was nervous to tell too many people too soon because there are so many things that can go wrong in your first trimester. Everyone feels differently about this but I knew, personally, I wouldn’t be able to emotionally handle it if something went wrong after I made an announcement. Whenever… however you decide to make your announcement, it’s something you’ll remember forever. Congrats mama, it’s such an exciting time!

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