Let's Talk Baby Shower

Okay…. soooo DEFINITELY have a baby shower. I said I didn’t want to have one over and over again because there was already so much going on in my life between our wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and simply just not feeling “up for it”. I had my shower around month 8 and I was just feeling so huge and not pretty and didn’t even want to attempt to try to find something to wear yet alone PLAN an entire baby shower and send out invitations. But, I was convinced.

I started with making a mood board of the vibes/color scheme that I wanted. I knew I wanted something classy and simple; I didn’t want “boy” things (shades of blue, cars, trucks, sports, etc) I then put together a list of people I wanted to invite. I decided to do a “co-ed” shower because I wanted my husband there, and a lot of our best friends are dudes. The guys naturally ended up hanging out, smoking cigars, drinking beers, while the girls did more of the “baby shower stuff”. Since the shower was planned last minute (per usual) I did e-vites on a site called Paperless Post. Im obsessed with this site for online invitations - so easy to use. You can also attach your registry to the invite, which made things so EASY. I had fully planned on planning my own baby shower - so I sent a draft of my invites and my mood board to my best friend for her opinion and she told me she would plan the ENTIRE thing for me!!! She and my sister-in-laws planned every step of the entire shower and completely surprised me. We got food catered from my favorite restaurant, Tocaya. We played a couple of games, opened gifts, ate yummy food, had yummy cocktails (everyone, except me) and just hung out for a few hours. It lasted a few hours and was so casual and so perfect. We got every single item that we had on our registry; I can’t even begin to explain how helpful it was to not have to buy everything ourselves. I almost didn’t want to attach my registry because I felt bad making people buy us gifts but it turns out that people truly want to get you something and having a registry makes it easy for everyone. It also allows people to get you what you actually WANT and NEED. Long story short - even if you don’t feel like it in the moment, you’ll be so glad you had a shower!

Tip: Make sure someone writes down who each gift is from, so that you can send out your Thank Yous accordingly. I wrote and sent out my Thank You cards the very next day, as I didn’t want to wait and have it roll into the holidays. I always get all of my stationary shit at Paper Source, they have so many cute options.

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