Let's Talk Closet

Don’t have a big enough closet? Me either!!! My husband and I live in a two bedroom apartment and the master bedroom has a SMALLER closet than our babys’ nursery. What the fuck.

We had to get creative, so we went to Ikea and Home Depot and turned our walls in our bedroom into a closet. We didn’t want to make any super permanent changes because we’re just here for a year until we move into a home. And trust me, I will have a closet the size of a bedroom in our next house. We got these shelves from Ikea for the shoes that weren’t able to fit in our closet. Side note.. hire someone else to put them together for you because it’s a fucking pain in the ass and took all damn day. I think they come in other colors but the white and wood go well with our aesthetic. Next, stick a nail in your wall and hang your hats on them. Simple. We knew the jackets were going to be an issue because our jackets alone could take up our entire closet. We got these shelves and rails at Home Depot. We didn’t get the right size shelves; they should ideally be the same length as the bars….. but we were too lazy to fix it. We added the baskets to the top for beanies, scarves, gloves.. stuff we don’t use often.

It works…………………… for now.

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