Let's Talk Finding an OB

Now to find a Obgyn. Ob standing for “obstetrics” and gyn standing for “gynecologist”. Ob is the baby doctor part and gyn is the vagina doctor part. So you really just need to say “OB” when referring to your doctor. (yeah, who knew) Anyway, no matter what you call it, DO YOUR RESEARCH and read yelp reviews wisely. I went with the first OB that I was told, and now 6 months into my pregnancy I’m switching my doctor. 

Here are a few things to look for when searching for the right doctor. Make sure the office is easy to get ahold of and has a big enough staff to handle the volume of clients. No matter how great the doctor; a disorganized staff will drive you crazy as you are working with the office staff more than the actual doctor. Find a doctor who answers every single one of your questions with their full attention, you’re allowed to ask a million stupid questions. 

Now here are the many reasons why you don’t go with the first doctor you’re told. While I loved my first doctor as a person, her office was so disorganized, not easy to work with and a complete disaster to say the least. First of all, I was given NO information on what the HELL to do next, what prenatals to take, how often I would be seeing her, etc. She always asked me if I have questions but I didn’t even know what questions to ask her as this is all so new to me. I left every single visit feeling so confused and uninformed. At week 14 you’re able to get your blood drawn to find out the sex of the baby…. Obviously I did this. It takes 7-10 days to get your results back….. I knew this baby was going to be a BOY so when I finally got the call letting me know that I was having a baby GIRL, I was beyond excited. Keep in mind, I had to confirm my phone number and social before I was given the gender on the phone. After finding out it was a girl, I asked the nurse 5 more times if she was SURE it was a girl. She repeatedly told me yes. My husband and I both really wanted a girl, so we instantly hopped in the car and went out to buy the cutest baby girl. clothes. We also started planning our babyGIRL gender reveal. A couple weeks went by and I couldn’t get this weird thought out of my head that I was having a boy. I called my mom at least once a day to tell her how I feel like I’m having a boy. She thought I was crazy because how could the blood test be wrong? They one thousand percent confirmed I was having a girl. One morning I woke up and emailed my doctors office saying “I know I’m being insane, but can you just confirm it with me ONCE more that I’m having a girl? My gender reveal is in two days and I just need to hear it again!” Five minutes later, I get a call from my DR office… “Hi Mecah, who told you that you’re having a girl?” “UMMM you guys did. 3 weeks ago.” My heart dropped. “We don’t have any results for you in our system, let us call the lab.. maybe someone forgot to enter it in our system” I sat by my phone staring at it for 10 minutes, they call back. “The lab said that your blood has actually been coagulated (pretty much a stupid word for ‘your blood got fucked up and is worthless’) We need to retake and test your blood.” I instantly broke into tears because for the past 3 weeks I had been talking to my baby girl, who SPOILER ALERT isn’t a girl after all. And now I’m fucking terrified to get my blood drawn again, after my horrific experience. 

I sped to the office, expecting my doctor to be there ready to explain everything. To my surprise, I walk in and my doctor wasn’t even there. I had to deal with these idiot nurses who STILL don’t even say my name properly. They sat there pointing fingers at each other trying to come up with an excuse as to how they gave me someone else's blood results. STILL NOT ONE APOLOGY. I was so over hearing excuses, like the damage is already done. Just fucking apologize and move on. Anyway, they lay me down to take my blood…. Of course it’s the same nurse who fucked up the first time. As I’m leaving the nurse tells me that the results will be in within the next 10 days, but I can make an appointment with a 3D ultrasound tech and they will be able to tell the gender on the spot. I called first thing when I left to make an appointment for that same day and the woman told me that they can’t even see the gender until 20 weeks minimum (which I was not) LIKE are you kidding me - why was I even given the hope to call the number. PS. IM SERIOUSLY SO ANGRY ALL OVER AGAIN. IM TYPING SO LOUD AND HARD RIGHT NOW. All week I waited by my phone for the results…. On Friday I receive a call from the office “Hi Mecah, welllllll we don’t really know how to say this buuuuuut you’re actually having a boy……..” Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I obviously had to reschedule my gender reveal and was now stuck with all of these girl clothes. 

Everyone told me to switch doctors right then and there, that I have far too many negative experiences to stay. I really am such an easy client and never want to stir shit up, so I stayed. Yeah, that was stupid.. I know. After that, the list goes on and on of problems I was having at that office so at 6 months I decided to switch doctors. Best move I’ve ever made. 

After doing my research, I found an amazing doctor. It was so easy to switch, the staff is so friendly and on top of shit, there’s even a patient portal that makes it easy to schedule appointments, ask questions and check lab results. I was given packets of information on what to expect week to week, what classes to sign up for, what foods to eat, how to deal with any pregnancy pain, etc. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE, don’t settle for anything less. 

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