Let's Talk Wedding

Not a wedding person? Me either. When I was little, all I wanted was a big, dreamy, magical wedding. As I got older and realized the amount of time, effort and money it takes for that to happen the more I wanted to pop in to the courthouse, sign on the X and call it a day. Let’s just say, I did things a bit out of order.. first comes baby, then comes proposal THEN comes marriage. Everyone in my life told me I should throw together a little wedding before the baby because after this little dude comes, I will never have time for a wedding. Everyone also told me that we should do some type of ceremony rather than getting hitched at a courthouse because the memories will truly last a life time. Resistantly, I agreed. 

First things first…. Picking a date. I feel like typically people have all sorts of cute reasons why they choose their wedding date. Well, for me, I picked a date that was aesthetically pleasing and easy to remember.. 10-20. I knew it had to be before the end of the year, as the baby comes early Feb and I wanted it before the holidays. Now to plan a wedding in less than 2 months. Shit.

I, like most things, didn’t even know where to start. I didn’t have a wedding planner and all of my saved images on Pinterest were unrealistic expectations that I had been saving since I was 7. Being the center of attention for long periods of time sounds like my worst nightmare, so I knew I didn’t want to do some drawn out ceremony where everyones staring at me while I give my vows. On the other hand, I did want my close friends and family to celebrate this special moment with us. I settled for something in the middle. We chose our favorite restaurant, NOBU in Malibu, (which also happens to be where we had our first date) and rented out their private room. We had our family and friends show up 30 min before we would start dinner to exchange vows, rings, and have my dad marry us. It was a quick 10 minute ceremony, then we sat down for our amazing dinner, which we had prefixed a menu for. From then on out, I didn’t have to coordinate or think about anything.The service was amazing, the food was coursed, the photographer was taking photos, all while our friends and family were periodically standing up to give speeches. It was so intimate, so emotional and so beyond perfect.

Following the dinner, we had invited about 80 other people join us at the “reception”. My husbands family has a big house in Malibu, about 10 minutes from the restaurant. We all hopped in Ubers and headed over to the house where everything was all set up beautifully (thanks mom!!) The only things we purchased for the reception were a bartender, catering for late night snacks, the cake, a photo booth and a SHIT TON of flowers. The Photo Booth was phenomenal, I definitely recommend. The company is called MirMir and they pretty much facetune your face in every photo. They were a little on the pricey side but definitely worth every penny, guests were at the Photo Booth all night and honestly photos are so important to have and keep forever!  As for the caterer, we wanted simple finger food - mini grilled cheeses, sliders, tacos, and caesar salads. Perfect for late night drunk munchies. The bar was definitely a hit, if I did it over again I would have 2 bartenders because there was usually a line. We cut the cake, gave toasts and did our “first dance” about an hour into the reception. It was all very casual and non traditional. I even did the Horah (even though I’m 0% Jewish) We wanted every second of this “wedding” to be 100% completely “us”. Nothing forced,  nothing we didn’t want to do, just fun, casual and no stress and thats exactly what it was. I honestly thought there was no in between… you either have a huge outrageous wedding or you go sign papers at a courthouse. I’m here to tell you, you can easily do something in between on a smaller budget and a quick timeline. 

We ordered almost all of the supplies on Etsy and Amazon, and it was so simple! The one thing I knew I wanted was a million white flowers everywhere, we ended up working with a florist who was able to pick up hundreds of flowers and vases at the flower district and arrange them. Having someone who knows so much about flowers was a huge help. We ordered a personalized guestbook, personalized matchbooks, personalized napkins, personalized cake topper all from Etsy. From Amazon we ordered, a shit ton of glass candle holders and white candles, more vases, filler decorations, table cloths, cake stand & serving utensils, etc. We literally didn’t need to go to the market at all. 

The next day we had a morning-after brunch in Malibu with the same people that were at the dinner the night before. We wanted to have a chance to talk about the wedding, say thank you and say goodbye to the people from out of town. This was a perfect way to end the weekend. Again, simple and easy.

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